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Homewrecker - Hell is Here Now (2018)
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United States
Homewrecker «Hell is Here Now»
List of songs:
01. Burden of Self
02. One with Torment
03. Bound by Validation
04. Fade to Oblivion
05. Constant Eyes
06. Buried in Suffering
07. Land of the Damned
08. Rope of Skin
09. Growing from Nothing
10. Demons in Disguise
11. Final Rest
12. Perpetrators
Boss Keloid - Melted On The Inch (2018)
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United kingdom
Boss Keloid «Melted On The Inch»
List of songs:
1. Chronosiam (07:14)
2. Tarku Shavel (07:14)
3. Peykruve (07:02)
4. Jromalih (07:51)
5. Lokannok (05:24)
6. Griffonbrass (05:59)
Shrine Of The Serpent - Entropic Disillusion (2018)
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United States
Shrine Of The Serpent «Entropic Disillusion»
List of songs:
1. Descend Into Dusk (06:05)
2. Hailing The Enshrined (09:47)
3. Hope's Aspersion (10:14)
4. Desecrated Tomb (08:20)
5. Returning (04:35)
6. Epoch Of Annihilation (08:43)
7. Rending The Psychic Void (10:08)
Parco - Esclavos Del Sistema (2018)
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Parco «Esclavos Del Sistema»
Genre: Nu-Metal
List of songs:
01. Intro
02. La peste mundial
03. Encajado en el barro
04. Descontrol
05. 2047
06. Esclavos del sistema
07. Nada podrá detenerte
08. Sangre en mi lanza
09. Persecución
10. Traidor
11. Fé
Anima Inside - Reflection (Acoustic Live) (2018)
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Anima Inside «Reflection (Acoustic Live)»
List of songs:
01. Hypnotize Me (Acoustic Live)
02. Take Me Home (Acoustic Live)
03. These Words (Acoustic Live)
04. Far Behind (Acoustic Live)
05. Sanity (Acoustic Live)
06. Save Me (Acoustic Live)
07. Helpless Chils (Acoustic Live)
Cat as Trophy - This Is What the Devil Does (2018)
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United States
Cat as Trophy «This Is What the Devil Does»
List of songs:
01. Battle Hymn of the Cat as Trophic
02. Dripping Dead
03. Into the Darkness
04. Blessed by the Enemy's Hand
05. The Death Defiant
06. Things Will Never Be the Same
07. Love Like Blood
08. Bleed My Heart
09. My Final Sin
Black Matter Device - Modern Frenetics (2018)
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United States
Black Matter Device «Modern Frenetics»
Genre: Mathcore
List of songs:
1.The Pointy End
2.Ricky Simmons
3.I Am In Pain
5.Presto Manifesto
7.Who's In The Box?
8.Gloom Balloons
9.Street Meat
11.Jenga Fever
Diatriba - Mártires Del Cambio (2018)
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Diatriba «Mártires Del Cambio»
List of songs:
1.Cada Día Somos Menos
2.Sin Fronteras
4.Tu Error
5.Templos Muertos
7.Los Hijos De Los Dioses
8.Los Hijos Del Hombre
10.La Espístola De Ra
11.Pran Nation
Seven Shots From Sober - Robots Can't Drink Like Us (2018)
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Seven Shots From Sober «Robots Can't Drink Like Us»
Genre: Hard Rock
List of songs:
1.The Train
2.Fist Fighting
3.Lying To Myself
4.Nine Lives
5.Prairie Man
6.Bicycle Seat
7.Go Ahead
8.One More
The Dead Voice - The Yellow King (2018)
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The Dead Voice «The Yellow King»
Genre: Doom Metal
List of songs:
1.The Gates To Carcosa
3.The Pallid Mask
4.Slumber Truth
5.Black Stars Over Lake Hali
6.Entropy Of Life And Death
7.Unsee It
8.The End Of All
9.To Un Deeper Blackness
10.Psychosphere Beyond The Gates Of Carcosa
Caligatum - Epidemus (2018)
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Caligatum «Epidemus»
List of songs:
2Epitafio (feat. Anna Fiori)
3Basilisco (feat. Adrian S. Ayala)
4La Dama de Las Tormentas
6Dante (feat. Cristobal Aguilar Basulto)
7Espíritu Menguante (feat. Cristobal Aguilar Basulto)
9Inocencia Abortada (feat. Cristobal Aguilar Basulto)
11Deja Que Salga la Luna
Camelio - Ørkenrotter (2018)
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Camelio «Ørkenrotter»
List of songs:
01. Ørkenrotte
02. Satan Er Blind
03. Taakefyrste
04. Pass på
05. Ondskap
06. Nakkestikk
07. Måneskinn
08. Trollmann
Captain Black Beard - Struck By Lightning (2018)
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Captain Black Beard «Struck By Lightning»
List of songs:
1All the Pain
2Perfect Little Clue
4Picture Life
5Gotta Go
6Out of Control
7Dead End Street
8Struck by Lightning
9Nobody Like You
10Straight Outta Hell
Illvilja - As The World Sleeps (2018)
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Illvilja «As The World Sleeps»
List of songs:
1Pure Evil
2As the world Sleeps
3In Slumber
4Shattered Dreams
5In the eye of a Raven
7End of Season
8A endless Beauty
Northwalk - Jaded (2018)
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Northwalk «Jaded»
Genre: Hardcore
List of songs:
2Exterminate (feat. Jean-Philippe Lagacé)
4My Prison
8Pulling Strings
Orange Goblin - The Wolf Bites Back (2018)
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United kingdom
Orange Goblin «The Wolf Bites Back»
Genre: Stoner
List of songs:
01. Sons of Salem (2:58)
02. The Wolf Bites Back (4:27)
03. Renegade (3:31)
04. Swords of Fire (4:33)
05. Ghosts of the Primitives (5:20)
06. In Bocca Al Lupo (2:11)
07. Suicide Division (2:02)
08. The Stranger (5:41)
09. Burn the Ships (4:39)
10. Zeitgeist (5:00)
Suicide Commando - Death Will Find You (2018)
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Suicide Commando «Death Will Find You»
List of songs:
01. Death Lies Waiting (Death Will Find You Remix) (4:44)
02. We Are Transitory (Temporary Remix) (4:50)
03. Black Hole (5:01)
04. I'd Die for You (4:43)
05. We Are Transitory (The Firm Inc. Remix by E-Craft) (4:53)
06. Death Lies Waiting (Binary Park Remix) (4:34)
07. We Are Transitory (Ruined Conflict Remix) (5:34)
08. We Are Transitory (Bornless Fire Remix) (4:53)
Imperious Malevolence - Decades of Death (2018)
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Imperious Malevolence «Decades of Death»
List of songs:
01. Perpetuação da Ignorância (4:06)
02. Ascending Holocaust (4:56)
03. Ominous Ritual (4:50)
04. The Hellfire's Cruelty (4:55)
05. Nocturnal Confessor (3:04)
06. Where Demons Dwell (2:43)
07. Imperious Malevolence (3:13)
08. No Return (2:46)
09. Excruciate (2:15)
10. Arquiteto da Destruição (2:41)
Crystal Ball - Crystallizer (2018)
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Crystal Ball «Crystallizer»
List of songs:
01. Crystallizer (3:56)
02. Curtain Call (3:33)
03. Alive for Evermore (3:47)
04. S.O.S. (3:58)
05. Crazy in the Night (3:07)
06. Gentleman's Agreement (4:16)
07. Let Her Go with Love (3:00)
08. Beauty in the Beast (4:02)
09. Death on Holy Ground (4:33)
10. Satisfaction Guaranteed (Bonus Track) (4:04)
11. Exit Wound (Bonus Track) (4:37)
12. Dusty Deadly (3:17)
13. Symphony of Life (5:02)
Dopethrone - Transcanadian Anger (2018)
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Dopethrone «Transcanadian Anger»
Genre: Sludge Stoner
List of songs:
01. Planet Meth
02. Wrong Sabbath
03. Killdozer
04. Scuzzgasm
05. Tweak Jabber
06. Snort Dagger
07. Kingbilly Kush
08. Miserabilist (feat. Julie)
Ivar Bjørnson & Einar Selvik - Hugsjá (2018)
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Ivar Bjørnson & Einar Selvik «Hugsjá»
List of songs:
CD 01:
1. Hugsjá
2. WulthuR
3. Ni Døtre av Hav
4. Ni Mødre av Sol
5. Fornjot
6. Nattseglar
7. Nytt Land
8. Nordvegen
9. Utsyn
10. Oska
11. Um Heilage Fjell
Melvins - Pinkus Abortion Technician (2018)
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United States
Melvins «Pinkus Abortion Technician»
List of songs:
CD 01:
01. Stop Moving to Florida
02. Embrace the Rub
03. Don't Forget to Breathe
04. Flamboyant Duck
05. Break Bread
06. I Want to Hold Your Hand (Beatles cover)
07. Prenup Butter
08. Graveyard (Butthole Surfers cover)
Venus In Fear - The Dot Above The Eye (2018)
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Venus In Fear «The Dot Above The Eye»
List of songs:
1.A Kind Of Me (8:02)
2.Ancient Truth (9:04)
3.Twice As The Devil (7:02)
4.Somedays (6:01)
5.Like A Star (13:20)
6.Where Eagles Die (8:41)
Furgonautas - El Tiempo A Través Del Silencio (2018)
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Furgonautas «El Tiempo A Través Del Silencio»
List of songs:
1.El Tiempo A Través Del Silencio
2.El Túnel
5.Las Voces Del Río
6.Detrás De Las Montañas
7.Fuego Negro
8.Aquel Extraño Atardecer Rojo
10.La Verdad

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