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Gourmand - Blossoming from the Grave (2018)
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United States
Gourmand «Blossoming from the Grave»
List of songs:
CD 01:
01. Blossoming from the Grave
02. A Message in Wax
03. Between Vessel and Body
04. Metamorphosis
05. Redemption
06. Siren"s Song
07. Perpetual Sickness
08. The Price of Consciousness
09. Empathy Gap
10. The First of My Name
The Colosseum - Eisoptrophobia (2018)
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United States
The Colosseum «Eisoptrophobia»
List of songs:
01. Catatonia
02. Levitation
03. Limb from Limb
04. Digital Opiate
05. Antimodel
06. Remorse
07. City of Refuge
08. Eisoptrophobia
09. Ghost Town
10. Pennybags and the Mandela Effect
Shotgun Rodeo - By Hook or by Crook (2018)
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Shotgun Rodeo «By Hook or by Crook»
List of songs:
CD 01:
01. By Hook or by Crook
02. Taking My Life Back
03. Fort Knox
04. Y.O.P.B.
05. Blaming the Kremlin
06. The Bandwagon Syndrome
07. Shooting Slugs
08. Human Hand Grenade
09. Stereotypical
10. Tony Iommi
11. I Am the Silver Bullet
12. Bastardize the World
13. Twist of the Knife
Radiant Knife - Science Fiction (2018)
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United States
Radiant Knife «Science Fiction»
List of songs:
01. Stereo Lords
02. Wasted Minds
03. All We Are Is All We Know
04. The Human Condition
05. Awakened
06. Swarming Lights Surround You
07. Withered Hands
08. Suffer Under God
Mob Rules - Beast Reborn (Limited Edition) (2018)
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Mob Rules «Beast Reborn (Limited Edition)»
List of songs:
CD 01: Beast Reborn
01. Beast Reborn 01:00
02. Ghost Of A Chance 04:45
03. Shores Ahead 05:30
04. Sinister Light 04:24
05. Traveller In Time 06:14
06. Children"s Crusade 04:45
07. War Of Currents 08:17
08. The Explorer 05:01
09. Revenant Of The Sea 07:15
10. Way Back Home 04:32
11. My Sobriety Mind (For Those Who Left) 05:49)

CD 02: Sacred Heart
01. Sacred Heart 06:00
02. Lord Of Madness (Re-Recorded) 05:22
The Myrrors - Borderlands (2018)
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United States
The Myrrors «»
List of songs:
CD 01:
1. Awakening
2. The Blood That Runs the Border
3. Formaciones Rojas
4. Biznagas
5. Call For Unity
6. Note From the Underground
PIQAIA - Artifact (EP) (2018)
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PIQAIA «Artifact»
List of songs:
01. Raindrops
02. Landscapes
03. Echo
04. Parable
05. Artifact
The Vast Delicatessen - Dark Skies (2018)
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United States
The Vast Delicatessen «Dark Skies»
List of songs:
01. Love Wasted
02. New Life
03. Superfly
04. You Can"t Know What You Don"t Know
05. Dark Skies
06. Down to the River (Rise Up)
07. For You
08. Right Before My Eyes
09. +
10. Fragments
11. Can"t Be a God
12. Yckwydk - Rehearsal (Live)
Earthists. - LIFEBINDER (2018)
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Earthists. «LIFEBINDER»
List of songs:
01. Phantom
02. Freefall
03. Memento Mori (Album Remix)
04. Leaves (feat. YU of LifeAwaits & YUL of End These Days)
05. Will (Interlude)
06. Dogma
07. Ivory
08. Unweave
09. Oceans
10. Drought
11. Nova (feat. Kyle of The Afterimage)
The Path - Dead and Gone (2018)
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The Path «Dead and Gone»
List of songs:
01. Dead and Gone
02. Unholy Eye
03. Against the Tyrants
04. The Beginning of the New Flesh
05. Long Live the New Flesh
06. Fear of Men
07. The Shadow of God
08. The Vengeance
09. It"s a Zombie!
10. Braindead
Lycanthrope - Chasing Death (2018)
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United States
Lycanthrope «Chasing Death»
List of songs:
01. Big Idea
02. Crusades
03. Road Carnage
04. Deliverance
05. Greed
06. Apeman
07. Angry Young Man
08. Nephilim
09. Stalker
Seventh of Never - The Theory Of Evilution (2018)
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United States
Seventh of Never «The Theory Of Evilution»
List of songs:
01. An Enemy at the Gates
02. Blessed Curses
03. Evilution
04. (The Beginning Of) The End
05. The Anointed 1.0
06. Burn the Witch
07. Stolen Valor
08. Rite as Reign
09. Deadly Beloved
Apolo 7 - Sangre Latina (2018)
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Apolo 7 «Sangre Latina»
Genre: Hard Rock
List of songs:
01. Sangre Latina
02. Nada Que Perder
03. Es Fácil Olvidar
04. Mejor Muérete
05. Interludio
06. Heridas
07. Sangre, Sudor & Lágrimas
08. No Más Tortura
09. Desterrado
10. La Clase Que Trabaja
ACHILLES THE CONQUEROR - Yggdrasil (EP) (2018)
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United States
Genre: Epic Metal
List of songs:
4. MIDGARD (feat. Ty Lainhart)
9. HEL
SHATTERED EMPIRE - Rise of the Empire (2018)
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United States
SHATTERED EMPIRE «Rise of the Empire»
List of songs:
01. Streets of Hollywood
02. Rise of the Empire
03. Smokin
04. The Helm
05. Angels
06. Town to Town
07. Life
08. Angels of the Night
09. Defend the Faith
10. London Town
Vatika - Act No. 1 (2018)
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Vatika «»
List of songs:
1. Act No1 - Nightwing
2. The Wolf
3. Inside This House
4. The Spirit White
5. Medusas Island
6. The Gathering
7. Never Again
8. Walk in Hell
9. Vatika
10. She Awakes
Storm - Fractured (2018)
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United States
Storm «Fractured»
List of songs:
01. Technological Slavedom
02. Fractured
03. Double Agent
04. 38 Minutes
05. Queen of Deception
06. H8er"s Gonna H8
07. Golden Avatar
08. Vanity"s Affliction
09. Pray Your Salvation
10. Horsemen of the Apocalypse
11. Taste of Fame
12. Razor"s Edge of Fire
Tallah - No One Should Read This (EP) (2018)
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United States
Tallah «No One Should Read This»
List of songs:
01. Kungan
02. Placenta
03. We, The Sad
04. Cottonmouth
05. Red Light
Septekh - Pilgrim (2018)
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Septekh «Pilgrim»
List of songs:
CD 01:
01. Damned
02. Diamonds
03. Treasures
04. Pretoria
05. Kongo
06. Ever Forgotten Gold
07. Travesty
08. Pilgrim
09. Karthoum
Letting Go - Something to Me (2018)
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United States
Letting Go «Something to Me»
Genre: Metalcore
List of songs:
01. Ropeswing
02. Glass House
03. Wasteland
04. Fray
05. Nerve Damage
06. Euphoria
07. Vacant
08. Disillusion
09. Drowning
10. What Made Me Whole
Oh Sees - Smote Reverser (2018)
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United States
Oh Sees «»
List of songs:
1. Sentient Oona
2. Enrique El Cobrador
3. C
4. Overthrown
5. Last Peace
6. Moon Bog
7. Anthemic Aggressor
8. Abysmal Urn
9. Nail House Needle Boys
10. Flies Bump Against the Glass
11. Beat Quest
Among the Thorns - We All Give up Eventually (EP) (2018)
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United States
Among the Thorns «We All Give up Eventually»
Genre: Metalcore
List of songs:
01. Parasomnia (feat. Tommy Gehringer)
02. Audrey
03. In My Head
04. Culprit
05. 10.25.17
The Magpie Salute - High Water I (2018)
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United States
The Magpie Salute «High Water I»
List of songs:
01. Mary The Gypsy
02. High Water
03. Send Me An Omen
04. For The Wind
05. Sister Moon
06. Color Blind
07. Take It All
08. Walk On Water
09. Hand In Hand
10. You Found Me
11. Can You See
12. Open Up

Line Up:
Rich Robinson – guitar, vocals
Marc Ford – guitar, vocals
John Hogg – vocals, percussion
Sven Pipien – bass, backing vocals
Matt Slocum – keyboards
Joe Magistro – drums

+ HQ
Belmont - Belmont (2018)
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In the expected
United States
Belmont «Belmont»
Genre: Pop-Punk
List of songs:
01. Empty
02. Recluse
03. Write Me Off
04. Pushing Daisies
05. Interlude
06. Albert
07. Hollowed Out
08. Maplewood
09. Convalescence
10. BMC

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Best of the week

Wilson - Tasty Nasty (2018)
I like this
In the expected
United States
Wilson - Tasty Nasty (2018)
List of songs:
01. Dumptruck
02. Wrong Side Of History
03. Like A Baller
04. My Hustle
05. Summertime Treat (Tasty Nasty)
06. Act My Age
07. Spanish Coffee
08. Money (Money Money Money)
09. Fuck Up My High
10. House Of Fuckery
11. Everyone Gets A Round On Me
MotorFunk Inc. - Escape (2018)
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MotorFunk Inc. - Escape (2018)
List of songs:
01. Rich Man
02. Spitfire
03. Running
04. Serenity
05. Unknown Space
06. Unity Desert
07. Summit
08. Return of the Rich Man
Mystic Braves - The Great Unknown (2018)
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United States
Mystic Braves - The Great Unknown (2018)
List of songs:
01. Under Control
02. Shades of Grey
03. Perfect Person
04. Point of View
05. Can"t Have Love
06. Are You Gonna Be There
07. Manon of the Spring
08. What Went Wrong
09. The Great Unknown
10. Back to the Dark
11. Green Street
12. Run out of Time
Vagrond - Ruin (2018)
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In the expected
Vagrond - Ruin (2018)
List of songs:
1. Fragments
2. Burial
3. Moment
4. Plague
5. Passing
6. Confined
7. Detachment
8. Decay