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Dimmu Borgir - Eonian (2018)
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Dimmu Borgir «Eonian»
List of songs:
01. The Unveiling
02. Interdimensional Summit
03. Ætheric
04. Council of Wolves and Snakes
05. The Empyrean Phoenix
06. Lightbringer
07. I Am Sovereign
08. Archaic Correspondence
09. Alpha Aeon Omega
10. Rite of Passage
Thou - The House Primordial (2018)
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United States
Thou «The House Primordial»
List of songs:
CD 01:
01. Wisdom In the Open Air
02. Premonition
03. The Sword Without a Hilt
04. Diaphanous Shift
05. Corruption and Mortal Trauma
06. Psychic Dominance
07. Prideful Dementia and Impulsive Mayhem
08. Occulting Light
09. Birthright
10. Malignant Horror
Meliah Rage - Idol Hands (2018) (First Edition)
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United States
Meliah Rage «Idol Hands (First Edition)»
List of songs:
01. The Kill-All Rule
02. Dark as Your Thoughts
03. Idol Hands
04. Crushed Beneath My Heel
05. Sentenced to Life
06. Absolute Power
07. Infernal Bleeding
08. Where Darkness Lies
Eyes Up - Kancho (2018)
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United States
Eyes Up «Kancho»
Genre: Hardcore
List of songs:
01. Chorophobia
02. Anchor
03. Island
04. Refuse
05. 1615 Berkeley Ave
06. Placebo Sleep
07. Fallacy of Sunk Cost
08. Conquer
09. Liar
10. Same Ol' Rhetoric
11. Intolerant
12. Out
Greydon Fields - Tunguska (2018)
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Greydon Fields «Tunguska»
List of songs:
CD 01:
01. Sole Survivor
02. Autophobia
03. Tunguska
04. Golem
05. Defcon Zero
06. The Island
07. One Last Prayer
08. The Walking Dead
09. Inner Fire
10. Dancing On Our Graves
Redshift - Duality (2018)
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Redshift «Duality»
Genre: Hard Rock
List of songs:
01. Devil's Game
02. Dust in the Rust
03. Freedom Is a Lie
04. Screaming Louder
05. Light Me Up
06. War
07. Statesman
08. Enter in My World
09. Amnesia
10. Back in the Wild
11. Rhythm of Love
12. Get out of My Way
13. Road of Rock
Stone Age Mammoth - Earthborn (2018)
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Stone Age Mammoth «Earthborn»
List of songs:
1. Fearless (05:09)
2. A Slice Of Life (04:26)
3. The Mysterious Life Of Mr Krips (06:39)
4. The Secret (05:41)
5. Earthborn (06:39)
6. Whispers (07:22)
7. My Darkest Hour (04:34)
Violation Wound - With Man in Charge (2018)
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United States
Violation Wound «With Man in Charge»
List of songs:
01. Humanity Burning
02. Vortex
03. Fearmonger
04. Dangerous Idiot
05. Selling Your Soul for Damage Control
06. State of Alarm
07. Ruining Everything That's in the Way
08. God's Plan
09. Smoke and Flames
10. Stalemate Suicide
11. Unhinged World
12. Destroy the Factory
13. Two Middle Fingers, Whiskey and Beer
14. Don't Believe It
15. Stoking the Fires of Chaos
16. Scratched Out
17. F*** It Up / Dumb It Down
18. Twisted up Inside
19. Kicked in Tonight / Vwiii
20. With Man in Charge
Sandstone - Tides of Opinion (Remastered) (2018)
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United kingdom
Sandstone «Tides of Opinion (Remastered)»
List of songs:
01. America
02. Atrophy
03. Building Castles
04. Just Forget
05. Unbroken
06. Nothing New
07. Nemesii
08. Sometime Soon
09. The Fall
10. Couldabeen
11. Children Of The Jihad
12. So Pretty
13. Renegade (Bonus Track)
14. On Fire (Bonus Track)
15. Traffic (Bonus Track)
Grá - Väsen (2018)
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Grá «Väsen»
List of songs:
CD 01:
01. Till sörjerskorna
02. King of Decay
03. Hvedrungs Maer
04. Krig
05. Gjallarhorn
06. Dead Old Eyes
07. The Devil's Tribe
08. Väsen
Confusion Master - Awaken (2018)
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Confusion Master «Awaken»
List of songs:
01. Witch Pollution
02. Northern Midnight Ghoul Dance
03. Reaper's Fist
04. Goner Colony
05. In the Shadow of the Bong
06. False Dawn
07. Awaken
Grin - Revenant (2018)
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Grin «Revenant»
List of songs:
01. Alterna
02. Seclusion
03. Sentinel
04. Ordinand (feat. kyle McDonald)
05. Revenant
06. Closure
Northern - Desolate Ways to Ultima Thule (2018)
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United States
Northern «Desolate Ways to Ultima Thule»
List of songs:
01. Reyn Til Runa
02. Fall into Winter
03. A Wolf's Angle (abraxas Trance)
04. Alaskan Ice
05. Woden's Revenge
06. Spell of Destruction (Burzum Cover)
07. Live Free or Die
08. Exaltation from the Grave
09. Fall into Winter (neo Folk Version)
Perzonal War - Neckdevils - Live (2018)
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Perzonal War «Neckdevils - Live»
List of songs:
01. Time of Lies
02. Born
03. Speed of Time
04. Mother Darkness
05. My Secret
06. Devil in My Neck
07. This Dead Meaning
08. Incarnation
09. Putrefaction of Mind
10. Nothing Remains at All
11. Burning Symbols
12. The Last Sunset
13. The Unbeliever
14. Metalizer
15. When Time Turns Red
16. 5 More Days
Witch Casket - Hatred Index (2018)
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United States
Witch Casket «Hatred Index»
List of songs:
01. Hatred Index
02. That Damn Devil
03. Dawn Everlasting
04. History of Violence
05. The True Knot
Hellwerk - 13 Steps to the End (2018)
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Hellwerk «13 Steps to the End»
List of songs:
01. Hellwerk
02. Dark Tragedy
03. WTF
04. Tortured Journey
05. Downfall of Evil
06. Blood Tainted Rain
07. Streams of Blood
08. Found Guilty
09. Dead Silent Sky
10. Phantom Ships
11. Holy Nightmare
12. Fire
13. Armageddon
Drakkar - Cold Winter's Night (2018)
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Drakkar «Cold Winter's Night»
List of songs:
01. Cold Winter's Night
02. Black Sails
03. Leviathan Rising (Death from the Depths, Pt. 1)
04. Invincible
Cruentis - Alpha & Omega (2018)
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Cruentis «Alpha & Omega»
List of songs:
01. Unbroken
02. Reclaimed
03. Alpha & Omega
04. All Hail Nothing
05. Silence of the Sands
Hundred Year Old Man - Breaching (2018)
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In the expected
United kingdom
Hundred Year Old Man «Breaching»
List of songs:
01. Breaching
02. Black Fire
03. The Forest
04. Clearing The Salients
05. Long Wall
06. Disconnect
07. Cease
08. Ascension
Airare Nuf - Muerte y Condena (2018)
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Airare Nuf «Muerte y Condena»
List of songs:
01. Llanto de Guerra (Intro)
02. Muerte y Condena
03. Por Lo Que Pueda Pasar…
04. …pasar a la Acción
05. Mañana al Amanecer
06. Sirenas
07. No Quiero Verte Sufrir
08. Corazón de Fuego
09. Aléjate de Mí
10. Los Buenos Tiempos No Vendrán
11. Triste Final
12. Luz Interior
13. Un Mundo de Gloria
14. Hacia Mi Libertad
15. Hijo del Diablo
16. Cazador
17. Hermano del Cielo
18. Solo Quiero Luchar
19. Ave Fénix
Hashteroid - Hashteroid (2018)
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Hashteroid «Hashteroid»
List of songs:
1.Freak Power
2.Black Tide
3.Stan The Wolfman
4.Green Caramel
5.Godspeed Below
6.Cool Ghost
7....Return To Hash Planet
Cruachan - Nine Years of Blood (2018)
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Cruachan «Nine Years of Blood»
List of songs:
CD 01:
01. I Am Tuan
02. Hugh O'Neill - Earl of Tyrone
03. Blood and Victory
04. Queen of War
05. The Battle of the Yellow Ford
06. Cath na Brioscai
07. The Harp, the Lion, the Dragon and the Sword
08. An Ale Before Battle
09. Nine Years of Blood
10. The Siege of Kinsale
11. Flight of the Earls
12. Back Home in Derry
Society's Plague - Call to the Void (2018)
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United States
Society's Plague «Call to the Void»
List of songs:
CD 01:
01. Ashes for Air
02. Whispers
03. Distant Waves
04. The Fall
05. Broken by Design
06. Paramnesia
07. Fear is Failure
08. Abomination
09. Dusk
10. Rise of the Eidolon
Aura Noir - Aura Noire (2018)
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Aura Noir «Aura Noire»
List of songs:
CD 01:
01. Dark Lung of the Storm
02. Grave Dweller
03. Hell’s Lost Chambers
04. The Obscuration
05. Demoniac Flow
06. Shades Ablaze
07. Mordant Wind
08. Cold Bone Grasp
09. Outro

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